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Guns ain’t Garanimals: If I worked on the development team for the next Arkham game:


I’d make Nightwing and Robin A.I. partners that can team-up with you per your command. You play as Batman as in the previous installments, so you call the shots: you can have one or both of them along for the ride at various points during the game.  You can choose to deploy one, both, or neither during a fight.

But Nightwing and Robin’s skill levels directly correlate with your own, since you are their mentor.  If you’re not combating your enemies successfully, your boys are going to have a difficult time as well.  They’ll help you clear rooms, but you still have to be on top of your game for them to be on top of theirs. 

And if you really mess things up, there’s the potential for either or both Nightwing and Robin to die, even if the node is ultimately cleared. 

If one of them dies during a fight, you’ll be given an option: retry until everyone survives the battle, or continue on without your fallen partner(s). 

Should you choose to continue in spite of a death, there will be consequences, but you won’t notice them immediately.  If one partner is left alive, he’ll become more resentful, more resistant to your orders.  Sometimes you’ll click a button to deploy him, and he won’t respond.  You’ll think it’s a glitch at first, maybe.  You’ll mash the button again, Batman’s voice onscreen will order the boy to enter the fray, and when you direct the camera to view the ledge where you left him to wait, he’s gone.  You find him later, standing silently at whatever location his brother was killed.

The progression of the game will gradually become interspersed with scenes that make no sense to the player— you’re battling Hush as Batman during a boss fight one moment, and suddenly the screen is bright and blurry at the edges and the boy who died is a young Robin and you’re grappling with him over Gotham.  A few seconds pass, and you’re back to the present scene with Hush, fighting him again without any explanation. 

And eventually you begin to realize Batman’s mind has broken entirely.  He finally breaks free of the controller’s hold, and no matter how you try to direct him with the joystick or buttons, he returns to the scene of the boy’s death.  He walks slowly.  You can’t hasten the process: you can only sit back and observe.  He kneels there and removes his cowl, and the screen goes to black.  It reads: 

“Your partner. Your solider. Your fault.


You’re then given the option once more to return to the point where you let Nightwing or Robin die and retry as you should have in the first place.  You can’t finish the game without them.